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Craft du Jour-nal January 6, 2012

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I can’t remember how I first found the Grace Is Overrated website. I have been enamored with the journal pages ever since. I am not capable of keeping a normal diary. Within a few days, I am reporting the weather, what I ate for dinner and little more. I love that the writing prompts on these pages give a snapshot of what is going on in your life for the week.

I drew up a quick word document for the left hand pages… just a place to write some quick notes, make a few doodles or add a photograph.

I am working on the learning curve with my Zutter Bind-It-All. I think I have it figured out now.

The cover is courtesy of the Cricut. I have to admit, I put it together pretty quickly.


Welcome Summer! May 30, 2011

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Memorial Day has finally arrived. Time for corn-on-the-cob and sunburns and festivals. As I relaxed with some long-awaited time off this weekend I wanted a project that was as bright and airy as the weather outside.

My front door has been empty since we put away the Christmas decorations (so for three whole months now) and I have been looking for a summery replacement. I finally found inspiration from another craft blogger via Pinterest and created something I am excited to put on my door.

It made a perfect weekend project. I worked on it intermittently over the past three days and finished in time to blog!

This is the paper I used. I found it at Michael’s and it wasn’t more than a few dollars. I believe the color I used was called Oatmeal. I actually ended up needing to run out to get another roll this morning to finish up, but it was really close.
If I had been better about not wasting the paper I might have been able to make one roll work.

I also bought this punch for the project. I suppose I might have used my cricut, but I thought this would be more efficient. And I will never pass up an excuse to buy a craft supply!

Since my paper came in a roll, I found it more manageable to cut it into 4 inch strips. I used a hem gauge to draw a straight line along which to cut.

I tried several methods for punching the circles. I ended up cutting two at a time. I tried folding the paper more times, but while I could cut multiple circles at once it also made it harder to work the paper into the punch. The single ply paper did not seem thick enough for the punch and ended up tearing.

I would estimate I used about 600 of the circles. I kept them in a deli container while I cut.

Since the paper was stiff, I decided to fold the circles into fourths pinching only the point so that the top maintains its fullness.

I secured the cones to the wreath form using a straight pin.  I was careful not to align the ruffles in lines, but otherwise I used no technique. Just pick a spot and work around!

I really like the plain version, but wanted to punch it up a little. I needed to get some Cricut practice in!

I tried several different options from the Cricut, but the butterflies seemed to suit my mood the best. However, I added the butterflies on 18 gauge florist wire, so I could possibly change them out with my changing mood.

Since I couldn’t find my wire cutters, the husband came in handy for cutting the wire with tin snips and then bending the tips to make the hot-gluing easier.

A little dab of hot glue and I had a bevy of blue butterflies.


Jumping back into crafting May 7, 2011

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Finally a finished object! With the deadline of a baby shower I finally managed to put the details on the world’s most inappropriate baby toy. At least, it took me less time to make this than my cousin is taking to make her baby. I can’t say that about all of my baby gifts.

This was actually a pretty simple pattern. There is some work in putting it all together, but the crocheting was fairly basic. It was definitely the hit of the party though!

I used the suggested Vanna’s Choice Baby yarns which I like for the price. They tend to unravel a little, but I like the colors and that they are washable. I’ve never understood fine wool baby things.

When I make this again I will increase the size of the base slightly. I felt the proportions were slightly off as written. I also used the strands of the yarn to stitch the faces instead of embroidery floss in order to simplify the color palette.

The back of the bee got a little wonky. Not sure how to fix that. I love that the bee has a stinger and the dragonfly has a tail.

I will admit that I have sat in my car outside a baby shower furiously finishing a gift in the past. I cleared this gift by a mile with all threads clipped more than 12 hours before the shower started. So of course I had to use the extra time to create my own card and gift bag.

I am still a Cricut newbie, so there are a few blips. I used the Create a Critter cartridge which I absolutely love. I can’t wait to try more projects.

I’m actually loving the brown bag. What a great way to recycle!

Now onto the other half dozen babies due this year!


Knitting Party Favors January 30, 2011

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Next weekend I will be holding my first learn-to-knit party. Part of the preparations are these favor boxes. Each is personalized with a guest’s initial.

Part of the fun was getting to play around with my new Cricut. I used the Mini Monograms cartridge. I still need to fine tune my work with the machine, but I’ve been having so much fun with it.

Inside each box are a few knitting essentials:

A retractable measuring tape
A yarn needle
A few stitch markers
Two needle tip stoppers
A nifty double ended crochet hook key chain perfect for binding off and picking up dropped stitches

My hope is that this kit will be everything my guests need to continue knitting after they leave my house!