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Road Trip! January 17, 2011

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It is only January and already the cabin fever is hitting hard. The downside of visiting Shaker Village when it is 18 degrees out is that it is 18 degrees out.

The upside is we have the entire place to ourselves!

Meet Travis and Trevor. Well, those may not be their actual names, but we have decided is we ever own a pair of longhorn bulls, we will definitely call them Travis and Trevor.

The Shakers were utopian society that believed each individual had natural God-given talents that should be cultivated to best contribute to the group as a whole. If I were a Shaker, I think I would live here.

I can only hope to one day create things this gorgeous.

Those Shakers sure seem to have been crafty people!

Have you ever seen a man made so happy by a broom?

Despite the cold, we had a fabulous time. Next time we plan to visit when we can spend a little more time outside.


Should auld projects be forgot… December 31, 2010

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And never brought to mind! (please?)

2010 was quite the year as I started my new life as Mrs. V (well, not technically since I still haven’t changed my name). On the crafting front, this gave me a chance to really dip my toes into papercrafting. I got to venture into whole new aisles of the craft store! It was also the year that I started with Photoshop Elements and began exploring masks and actions. Still not really confident with that program. I am never sure if what I am doing is making the picture better or worse.

New Year’s marks not only the start of a new calendar year for me, but also the start of another of my trips around the sun; it is also my birthday! So this is my chance to really go beyond resolutions and set some goals. I need to create a little accountability for projects I have envisioned for years. Oh, and can we just pretend that I already workout three time a week, floss daily, and follow a strict budget and don’t need to make any resolutions in those areas? Phew. Thanks.

So here is my countdown to New Years:


This blogging is a new endeavor, but I would like to keep up with posts. Not only will this give my mom something to read, but it should help me keep focused on the remainder of my goals. Ideally I would like to average a post a week. Since I know there will be several weeks that I’ll be doing good to sleep, it wouldn’t hurt to work ahead during these cold months.


Hold a knitting and/or crochet “class”. I have so many people wanting to learn and I always talk about having a group over some weekend… but other things keep coming up. No more! 2011 will be the year of the yarn classes!


Complete a project for each baby born this year and make sure the baby receives it in a timely manner (way before the 1st birthday).


Complete a photobook for Costa Rica and wedding pictures including all of the editing.


Practice. Practice. Practice in Photoshop. I just need to spend a lot more time playing around.


Work through some UFOs.


Put together a real crafting center that works. No more dragging 6 boxes upstairs for each project.


Finish decorating the bedroom. Say goodbye to the last of the dorm furniture and create a peaceful space to which we can return each night.


Throw 4 parties… preferably with themes.


And as a Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to me… I will make something nice for myself this year.

So here’s to a Happy and Crafty 2011!


My co-crafter December 11, 2010

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The only one who finds my work as fascinating as I do although I am sure she would prefer to have the lap all to herself.