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A Stache and A Stash February 20, 2012

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My weekend was a nice relaxing, crafting weekend. Nothing beats three day weekends… a day for cleaning, a day for errands and a whole day for knitting!

I started my weekend on Friday with a text message that one of my favorite fabric stores was having a sale. What budget?

I don’t have anything in mind for most of it, but I couldn’t resist the fun spring colors.

The plaid is part of the Happy Campers by American Jane line. Adorable! Fortunately, I picked up a bunch of it last summer. Can’t wait to make some reversible sun hats.

My finished project for the weekend was a beard hat. Not a hat made from beards fortunately, but this crocheted hat with an attached crocheted beard. Slightly less creepy, I think.

My aunt found a picture of this on the internet a couple months ago and needed one for her grandson. Unfortunately, she doesn’t crochet. Fortunately, she made 180 mini-jars of jam for my wedding so she has a crocheter forever in her debt.

Sizing the hat was a little tricky. It is always fun to try to guess the head size of babies, and this kid is particularly difficult. He is 7 months old and off the charts in head circumference. I ended up doing the 2T and making it a little shorter. It seems to fit fine for now, but I will probably have to make another for next fall.


@%^>?&<… (sigh) February 14, 2012

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There is nothing on this planet that keeps the ego in check like knitting. I have been working on the February Lady Sweater since the first of the year. My mom got me some Berroco Ultra Alpaca in sweater quantities for my birthday a couple of years ago. When I received my Addi Turbo Interchangeables for Christmas I wanted to do some real luxury knitting.

It has actually been coming along pretty quickly. I have been doing a lot of knitting while catching up on my best movie nominations in preparation for the Academy Awards.

Last night was my knitting group and I was very excited to show off my progress. I pull out my sweater to find….

Well, can you spot the problem?

Yup. That sleeve is inside out. I knitted it into the inside of the sweater.

The lace pattern should look like this.

But instead looks like this.

I will frog with great humility. But that is the great thing about knitting. When you make a mistake, you can fix it by just knitting some more… which is what I like to do in the first place.


Fits like a glove! February 11, 2012

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Last winter I was knitting with numb fingers and decided I wanted some fingerless gloves to wear while I craft. I cast on this leafy pattern of vacation in Florida and quickly knit up to the fingers. Then for some reason, it went into the pile of UFO’s when I got home. Since we bought a new furnace last spring, so my fingers have stayed pretty toasty this year and I forgot all about them.

I think this project caught my eye again because the yarn is just so pretty. It is Knitpicks Stroll Tonal in Springtime and I can’t believe how beautiful it is for the money. I know I normally score about a C in my yarn/pattern matching skills, but I think this combination is an A+.

The really remarkable thing about this pattern is that there is no cabling. I KNOW! All those leaves are a combination of YOs, K2togs, and SSKs. The fingers were pretty easy too. I made them a little longer than the pattern said to maximize coverage.

The pattern comes in two sizes and I made the larger. I would say my hands are a little larger than normal and find there to be a bit of gapping. The ribbing in the pattern has a lot of give, so I would suggest the average woman make the smaller size.

Oh, and the polish on my nails is my new favorite… OPI’s Gouda Gouda Two Shoes. It has the tiniest bit of sparkle in person.