Because crafts are like crack.

Little boy gifts are my FORTe December 23, 2011

Filed under: General Crafting,Sewing — hobbyjunkie @ 10:47 am

It is so difficult to find a gift for a four year old boy that does not include lights, sirens or laser repeating action. For the sake of parents, I usually try to give gifts that run on imagination instead of batteries.

This Fort Kit might be the most adorable thing I have ever seen. What a great way to encourage a budding engineer. A thriftier, more resourceful person could make one of these out of things around the house. A poor planner like myself ends up buying a lot of the supplies. And finishes a few hours before giving it thanks to the help of my mother, father and husband. Hence the poorly lit photo.

I found some great flat sheets at Target that could be purchased separately from the fitted sheets and come in a little bag that could be re-purposed. Most everything else came from Lowe’s.

I hope this will bring fort-building fun for years to come.


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