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The Dress that Turned Out to be a Bit of a Zoo July 17, 2011

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Every little girl needs a cute pinafore in the summer and the pattern at Smashed Peas and Carrots is absolutely timeless. In fact my mom is pretty convinced I once wore something similar as a toddler. The bonus of this particular pattern is that it is reversible! Perfect for summer activities like rolling in the grass or eating ice cream. The little girl I wanted to make this for is about 18 months old, but she is a tiny little peanut. I would be concerned about making anything much bigger than this for her, but she definitely needs some matching bloomers for decency’s sake.

The mama of the little girl who would be getting this is obsessed with giraffes so it was quite an intense internet search to track down the perfect fabric. So many circus/zoo themed prints were not funky enough for this stylish baby. Not surprisingly, the design I picked was called “urban circus”. I love the geometric giraffes!

Overall this pattern was simple to complete but difficult to make look professional.  I think the top-stitching was probably a bit above my skill level. I had to make it super difficult by choosing a contrasting thread color. I think my bobbin might have wound improperly too. I was not a happy sewer.

Sewing around the tabs also took quite a bit of patience. One tip I read that was extremely helpful was to decrease the length of the stitch for the tight turns. At my normal stitch length, one or two errant stitches could completely throw off the curve, but the smaller stitches allowed for a more precision. This was also my first attempt at button holes in a while. I would love to find a tutorial or some tips on mastering the placement of buttons and button holes. My eye-balling always feels a little wonky.

But with all the frustrations, it was still a cute and fun project. And I am sure people will be too busy looking at the cute baby in the outfit and not the outfit itself!