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The official start of the Christmas crafting season June 26, 2011

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I am aware that there are some non-crafty types out there who think the Christmas season begins with Black Friday sales. I strongly suspect they are the same folks who complain about stores putting up decorations before Halloween. For them,Christmas falls neatly into December during which there is more than enough time to decorate, purchase a few gifts and maybe even throw a batch of cookies into the oven.

Those of us who are craft-obsessed know Christmas is a holiday designed to show off our talents and requires months of preparation. And even a six month early start won’t prevent us from staying up all night on Christmas Eve to finish one or two gifts. But June 24th seems as good a time as any to start Christmas crafting, especially since Mom is in town to cut, press, pin and complete other less fun parts of quilting.

I bought the fabric for my tree skirt right after Christmas. A single day of work and it is now all pieced together. I might have the skirt completed by September at this rate!


We had quite the quilting bee going on in my dining room.

The best part of crafting with someone else may be the freedom to take lots of pictures, especially action shots.

Now I just have to decide whether I attempt the quilting on my own or send it home with Mom.


3 Responses to “The official start of the Christmas crafting season”

  1. Peggy Says:

    i had sooo much fun!

  2. amanda Says:

    I love this! Do you have a pattern or instructions?

    • hobbyjunkie Says:

      Hi Amanda. The patteren is “Oh Joyful Tree Skirt” by Mama CJT. I think it is still available on amazon.com, but the pattern is honestly kind of minimal. I would only recommend it for someone who has a little quilting experience. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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