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Jumping back into crafting May 7, 2011

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Finally a finished object! With the deadline of a baby shower I finally managed to put the details on the world’s most inappropriate baby toy. At least, it took me less time to make this than my cousin is taking to make her baby. I can’t say that about all of my baby gifts.

This was actually a pretty simple pattern. There is some work in putting it all together, but the crocheting was fairly basic. It was definitely the hit of the party though!

I used the suggested Vanna’s Choice Baby yarns which I like for the price. They tend to unravel a little, but I like the colors and that they are washable. I’ve never understood fine wool baby things.

When I make this again I will increase the size of the base slightly. I felt the proportions were slightly off as written. I also used the strands of the yarn to stitch the faces instead of embroidery floss in order to simplify the color palette.

The back of the bee got a little wonky. Not sure how to fix that. I love that the bee has a stinger and the dragonfly has a tail.

I will admit that I have sat in my car outside a baby shower furiously finishing a gift in the past. I cleared this gift by a mile with all threads clipped more than 12 hours before the shower started. So of course I had to use the extra time to create my own card and gift bag.

I am still a Cricut newbie, so there are a few blips. I used the Create a Critter cartridge which I absolutely love. I can’t wait to try more projects.

I’m actually loving the brown bag. What a great way to recycle!

Now onto the other half dozen babies due this year!


One Response to “Jumping back into crafting”

  1. peggy Says:

    looks so cute! And I love the gift bag! Congrats on the finishing.

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