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Now Stash Away! Stash Away! Stash Away All! December 28, 2010

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With the presents unwrapped and the cookies all eaten it is time to relax and enjoy my vacation time until the New Year. A day off work means a trip to the local fabric store and a chance to replenish a stash slightly depleted by the Christmas festivities.


These gorgeous reds and greens happened to be on post-Christmas sale! It is time to start on the 2011 Christmas crafting. I decided to replace our acrylic felt tree skirt from Target will a real heirloom-quality homemade skirt. Or as I told the brother-in-law, “It’s time to crank Christmas up to an 8!” With a little luck and a lot of time, those quarter yards should soon look similar to this!

To go to a fabric store without peeking at the baby fabrics would be ridiculous considering the number of newborns and pregnancies in our lives right now.

I love this vintage circus print. It reminds me of the logo of the gift shop at the Children’s Hospital where I volunteered with my grandmother as a child.

These animal prints are going to make some adorable matching toys for newborn twin boys!

But the best part of the day may be a conversation overheard at the cutting counter:

“So what are you going to be making with all of this new fabric?”

“Probably nothing but a bigger stash.”

Too true.


2 Responses to “Now Stash Away! Stash Away! Stash Away All!”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Can’t wait to see some progress with all those quarter yards!

  2. […] bought the fabric for my tree skirt right after Christmas. A single day of work and it is now all pieced together. I […]

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