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Sisters! December 27, 2010

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Normally in the month of December the phrase “Sisters” automatically takes me to the delightfully campy Haynes duo in White Christmas. These costumes define fluorescent blue.

This Christmas I drew the name of a 1 1/2 year old cousin in a gift exchange so I focused on a different “sisters” that are a little less retina damaging. I have been meaning to work my way though the reversible toys in Susan B. Anderson’s Itty Bitty Toys. I have a lion and elephant with no ears, and about three rows of a turtle going right now. And I had all the gorgeous organic yarn I need for the Itty Bitty Sisters Reversible.

The dolls are relatively simple in nature. The only difficult part is the  amount of whipstitching required in putting everything together. I always sweat of the placement of arms, eyes, etc. and usually feel like my creations recently escaped from a circus sideshow. But I read Laura Ingalls one too many times as a school girl so I am in love with the idea of laboring of homemade dolls for Christmas.

The best part of these dolls is that the “legs” of one doll is really the body of the other! So these two sisters are really one and the same! Two toys in one make these an excellent toy value.

As a side note, even the husband thought this project was cute and that Ms. Anderson must be incredibly talented. Baby kittens barely get noticed as cute in his world, so I would call that an incredibly high recommendation.


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  1. […] think my current count from this book is six and each has been just as cute and easy as the next. (Sisters is one of the several reversible doll patterns.) I highly recommend anyone who makes baby gifts […]

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