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Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! December 12, 2010

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When it looks like this outside…

I figure it is Mother Nature’s way of telling me to craft. Of course I assume that just about any time the mercury drops below 40 degrees. Essentially the axial tilt of the earth is all for my crafting pleasures.

These tote bags from ashleyannphotography.com seemed a perfect addition to a couple of Christmas presents. Maybe it is my need to carry needles and skeins everywhere I go, but I find I can never have enough totes. So I made a stop at Hobby Lobby earlier in the week and raided my craft corner.

I started by ironing the bags to make sure I could get a smooth final product. I used spray adhesive to stick the doilies to the bags. These are the twelve inch doilies, but a smaller doily would look great centered on the bag. Per the directions on the back of the can, I made sure to let the glue dry for a couple of minutes to make the bond tacky, but not permanent.  I made sure to press firmly all around.

I used acrylic paint, but fabric paint would work well. I started by using a sponge brush, but switched to a regular paintbrush as the sponge was applying way too much paint. I think I might try using a stippling brush the next time. Be sure to get all of the little holes and remove the doily while the paint is still wet.

While I waited for the paint to dry, I printed letters from the computer. I found a font I liked and used enlarged it to 400 pt. I traced letters onto the freezer paper, glossy side down and then cut out the letters with an exacto-knife. I found it worked best to pull the knife down towards me and turn the freezer paper as needed. Try to make as few as cuts as possible to prevent burrs on the paper. Remember these will make a stencil, so I had to save the center part of the A.

The stencils were then ironed onto the bags and filled in with a brush and paint.

I think the final product is cute enough to dress up a present. I will probably fill them with nice lotions or a pair of pajamas for some friends.

Some time in the future I will get some more doilies and try again with the paint. I have decided that a lighter hand is better. I was also a little surprised that the doilies were not reusable, but they seemed to lose shape after being peeled off. I may try to make it to the cake supply store to look for other variations of doily patterns. I have never noticed before if there was some sort of doily standardization.


2 Responses to “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Very nice!! I like the picture of your house, looks like you are really getting hit.

  2. hobbyjunkie Says:

    That would be the neighbor’s house. I’m not going out there.

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